The battle of Huawei Phones

The new Trend: 18:9

Hasan Kaymak Innovations Hasan Kaymak Battle of 18:9 Phones Which smartphone should I buy 18:9 Phone 2017 2018 Huawei HTC Samsung Apple Honor OnePlus
iPhone S Concept rendered by Hasan Kaymak Innovations (HKI)

2017 was a great year with a new trend: 18:9 aspect ration displays. Several brands like Samsung, HTC and even Apple enjoyed this trend. There are many Phones supporting the new 18:9 aspect ratio. Also Huawei came up with many new phones with 18:9 displays. Here, we'll find, which Phone fits perfectly for your lifestyle.

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OnePlus 5T - A New Flagship Killer?

A new Flagship Killer?

OnePlus is back again with the OnePlus 5T to the game. Several brands like Samsung and even HTC released flagships with 18:9 format displays. It's a right move forward by OnePlus. Let's have a look at the new OnePlus 5T.

OnePlus 5T Midnight Black review handson hands-on by Hasan Kaymak Innovations inceleme Kassel Design designer
OnePlus 5T Midnight Black
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HTC U Ultra Review

The all new HTC U Series

HTC U Ultra Review Hands-On by Hasan Kaymak Innovations German Deutsch Turkish Türkce Inceleme
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The HTC 10 in all his glory

A new design

The HTC flagships from the past few years feature a metal frame on top and bottom of the phone. HTC changed this trend with the HTC One A9. The front panel of the phone features a 2.5D full glass, which feels good to touch and hold. The HTC 10 will come with the same front panel like the HTC One A9 expect to the annoying HTC logo, which was complaint by the HTC folk. The metal case of the HTC 10 is fit with a large chamfered edge. It looks very interesting, but we cannot expect, how it feels to hold the handset.


On the back as well as on the top of the device, we see the polycarbonate antenna stripes for better network strength. The camera is round again.

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HTC One M10 XL Concept by Hasan Kaymak

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All new Flagship Design

Yes, it's 2016 and we're all excited to see new devices like last year, but this time, we hope to see a comeback of HTC with new powerful devices. The HTC One M10 XL could be one of the flagship devices by HTC to make a change on the mobile market. A beautiful design: all glass front panel with integrated BoomSound Speakers, a 5.7inch 2K Display, an Aluminium unibody case with HTC Smart-Pen and last but not least a 21MP camera combined with the power of Snapdragon 820.

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HTC One M9 - The official device

HTC One M9 Official Product Device Phone Hasan Kaymak Innovations 01.03.2015 01/03/2015
HTC One M9 Official Product Device Phone Hasan Kaymak Innovations 01.03.2015 01/03/2015

Today, HTC presented us the new flagship device for 2015, the HTC One M9. The event ran nearly 20min. The final products are HTC Re Vive, HTC Re Grip and HTC One M9. It's sure that this phone looks beautiful like the successor M7 and M8.

The HTC One M9 features a full metal body. It's available in three colors: gold, silver and gunmetal grey. This time, all color varaints are brushed. Last year, only the HTC One M8 Gunmetal Grey was brushed. A pink M9 will be offered for sale in the next months.

Here's the specification list of the HTC One M9

What do you think about the new HTC One M9? Will you buy one?

Display 5" 1080p
Rear camera 20MP
Front-facing camera 4MP Ultrapixel
Storage 32GB expandable to 128GB with microSD
Processor 2GHz Octa-core
Battery 2900mAh
Dimensions 144.6mm x 69.7mm x 9.61mm
OS Android 5.0 Lollipop with Sense 7