The HTC 10 in all his glory

A new design

The HTC flagships from the past few years feature a metal frame on top and bottom of the phone. HTC changed this trend with the HTC One A9. The front panel of the phone features a 2.5D full glass, which feels good to touch and hold. The HTC 10 will come with the same front panel like the HTC One A9 expect to the annoying HTC logo, which was complaint by the HTC folk. The metal case of the HTC 10 is fit with a large chamfered edge. It looks very interesting, but we cannot expect, how it feels to hold the handset.


On the back as well as on the top of the device, we see the polycarbonate antenna stripes for better network strength. The camera is round again.

The camera is poping out

Many iPhone and Samsung Galaxy users complaint about the poping out camera on their devices. So, HTC also started to join this trend with the HTC One A9. It seems that HTC decided to extrude the camera shape from the back of the body to make the device a bit thinner. Is it a good decision?

The power of the 10

The HTC folk waited a long time to see an HTC device beating all other phones on the benchmarks. The HTC 10 was captured scoring the AnTuTu Benchmark with a 156.091 points. It's absolutely impressing.


The latest popular mobile processor on the market is the Snapdragon S820, an up to 2.2 GHz quad-core processor. Will the S820 power the beautiful HTC 10?

Some impressions

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