HTC · 05. February 2018
The HTC U11+ is a big step forward for HTC in the mobile martket. It seems to be the perfect phone for you on the specs sheet. It follows the trend with 18:9 aspect ratio display, a bigger RAM, best processor out on the market and a bigger battery. If you don't mind that HTC prefers LCD 6 display to OLED display, you're right with the HTC U11+. A little note: OLED displays have some big troubles. It's better to grab for an LCD or S-AMOLED displays.

HTC U Ultra Review Hands-On by Hasan Kaymak Innovations German Deutsch Turkish Türkce Inceleme
HTC · 21. February 2017
HTC presented us a new Smartphones Series this year. The HTC U Ultra is the current flagship model by the taiwanese company HTC. It comes with a new fresh look and latest hardware. Let's have a deep look, how the HTC U Ultra performs.

HTC · 26. March 2016
The HTC flagships from the past few years feature a metal frame on top and bottom of the phone. HTC changed this trend with the HTC One A9. The front panel of the phone features a 2.5D full glass, which feels good to touch and hold. The HTC 10 will come with the same front panel like the HTC One A9 expect to the annoying HTC logo, which was complaint by the HTC folk. The metal case of the HTC 10 is fit with a large chamfered edge. It looks very interesting, but we cannot expect, how it feels to...

HTC One M9 Official Product Device Phone Hasan Kaymak Innovations 01.03.2015 01/03/2015
HTC · 01. March 2015
Today, HTC presented us the new flagship device for 2015, the HTC One M9. The event ran nearly 20min. The final products are HTC Re Vive, HTC Re Grip and HTC One M9. It's sure that this phone looks beautiful like the successor M7 and M8. The HTC One M9 features a full metal body. It's available in three colors: gold, silver and gunmetal grey. This time, all color varaints are brushed. Last year, only the HTC One M8 Gunmetal Grey was brushed. A pink M9 will be offered for sale in the next...